Baseball in San Francisco

Forget about the internet and those hi-tech video games: San Francisco baseball remains the favorite pastime of all blue-blooded locals. The regular season is always special for diehard fans who get the chance to not only watch their favorite players in action, but meet them in person and get a chance to gush about their inhuman ability to catch, swing, and throw. Amateur umpires should keep their eyes on the ball because this season all bases are fully loaded!

Laguna St San Francisco CA 94123
1901 Geary Blvd San Francisco CA 94115
1661 Tennessee Street San Francisco CA 94107
3223 Ortega St San Francisco CA 94122
5210 Diamond Heights Blvd San Francisco CA 94131
Crocker Amazon San Francisco CA 94112
2601 40th Ave San Francisco CA 94116

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